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10mm and 15mm direct acting pilot miniature solenoid valve

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The solenoid valve product line produced by Solenoid Solution for the pneumatic automation and instrumentation sector has evolved with the addition of the 10mm and 15mm direct-acting and pilot valves.

The 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves are made for air and inert gas applications that require tremendous pressure and flow performance, compact size, extremely low power consumption, and great reliability even at high cycling rates. Additionally, all 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves from Solenoid Solutions are appropriate for use with oxygen.

An enclosed coil is attached to a valve body to create the 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves. The assembly cannot be separated.

All Solenoid Solutions 10mm and 15mm pilot valves are appropriate for installation on sub-bases or in multi-valve manifolds with standard inlet pressure and exhaust ports because all of the pneumatic connections are found on the valve body.

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Benefits and Features


• Small size & Convenient installaton

It is ideal for installation in confined spaces, either on a single base or the manifolds. It can replace the majority
of similar products at home and abroad for its excellent compatibility in installation size and also can be used as the pilot control valve for SY

series and 4V series solenoid valve.

• Energy -saving & Environment friendly

The power consumption of the standard type is only 1w, And the energy-saving type is only 0.3w.

• Large flow & Wide application
It has a significant flow rate which can be used not only for compact cylinders, swing cylinders, and other slider series but also for the pilot

control of the processing valve. The large flow type can meet different needs because it increases the flow rate by 50% based on the standard type.

• Quick Response & Multi-functional

It can respond within 10ms, realizing vacuum function quickly.

• Multi-specifications & All models

Distinguished by voltage, there are AC220V, AV110V, DC24V, DC12V, DC6V, and DC3V. Distinguished by

interface mode, there are vertical type(L type), horizontal type (M type), direct line type(G type), etc.

• Long life & More sustainable

Super safe even with 24-hour continuous work and 100% on-load factor.


10 mm pilot valve

Technique data 

Valve Function
3/2 NC-3/2 NO - 2/2 NC - 2/2 NO
3/2 NC-3/2 NO - 2/2 NC - 2/2 NO - 3/2 UNI
Compressed air
Compressed air
0.8 mm
0.8/11.1/1.5 mm
Max Working Pressure
10 BAR
CV Factor
0./0.32 to 0.64
Response Time
10 ms
5÷15 ms
50 million cycles
50 million cycles
Manual Override
in any position
in any position

Electric details

Duty Cycle
ED 100%
ED 100%
ambient -5°C to +50°C
ambient -10°C to +50°C
1.3 W
1 to 2.5W (DC) 3VA (AC)
12-24V DC(other voltages on request)
12-24 VDC 24-115-230 VAC(other voltages on request)
Voltage Variation
Insulation Class
Degrees of Protection
IP 65
IP 65
Electrical Connection
connector and Flying leads
connector and Flying leads



3/2 NC:
Power off:   air from 2 outlet to 3 exhaust port

Power on:  air from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port

3/2 NO:
Power off:   air from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port

Power on:  air from 2 supply port to 3 exhaust port

2/2 NC:
Power off:   air stops from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port

Power on:  air pass from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port

2/2 NO:
Power on:   air stops from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port

Power off:  air pass from 1 supply port to 2 outlet port


Typically, solenoids are utilized in automation as 3/2 way valves or 2/2 way valves having normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) switching functionalities (NO).

For the 3/2 way type, the normal maximum operating pressure and nominal orifice are 8 bar and 0.7 mm, respectively.

This kind is intended for inert gases and filtered compressed air.

Prior approval is required for other chemicals, especially in medical applications.


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