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10mm and 15mm direct acting pilot miniature solenoid valve
The solenoid valve product line produced by Solenoid Solution for the pneumatic automation and instrumentation sector has evolved with the addition of the 10mm and 15mm direct-acting and pilot valves.The 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves are made for air and inert gas applications that require tremendou
How to choose air brake tube and fittings for trucks and trailer?
STANDARDS •Meets SAE Specification J844 CONSTRUCTURE Material: Type A - Single-wall extruded Nylon (polyamide) for all size Type B - Nylon (polyamide) core, fiber reinforcement, Nylon (polyamide) cover/sheath From 1/4 O.D. to 3/4 O.D.
Stainless steel manifolds solenoid valve
XHnotion helps our customer custom stainless steel manifolds solenoid valve, which can be used for ink industry and medical treatment.Critical keys is seals adopt Dupont Viton and Armature use special non-corrosive steel. Valve without coil Solenoid valve 1/8 or 1/4″, 0-4 bar or 0-8 bar available V
Why you need safety push button coupling for air tools?
It used for connect and disconnect and its max inlet pressure can reach 225 Psi. It complywith standards ISO 4414 and eliminates all leaks when coupled or uncoupled.
latching solenoid valve for water
New latching solenoid valve for water, which is called bi-stable solenoid valve.The valve will keep original state without power. It is ideal for substitution of regular irrigation solenoid valve.
How to choose RIGHT FRLs (air source treatment) and maintain FRL
Modular FRLs play an essential role in pneumatic components and air tools. Modular FRL is also called an air treatment unit, divided into an air filter, air lubricator, and air regulator(pressure reducer because they can only reduce the air pressure and can not boost more pressure). The three units can be used separately or make a combination to use. For example, air filter+air regulator = filter regulator, air filter+air regulator+air lubricator = three combinations or two combinations.
Why PU hose needs swivel fittings with sleeve guards?
XHnotion has developed new molds of a plastic sleeve for PU hose. It can protect the hose end.Fixed fittings and swivel fittings are available

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