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Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

Port: Ningbo, ChinaProduction Capacity: 10000 PCS Per MonthPayment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money GramModel NO.: AG-CCustomized: Non-CustomizedCompressed Air Pressure: 4-9barInlet Switch Size: 1/4"BSPTMuffler Port: 3/8"BSPTMagnetic Base Size: Dn80Standard: ISO9001:2008Trademark: XHnotion PneumaticTransport Package: Plastic Box + CartonOrigin: ChinaHS Code: 8467890000Type: Cold Air GunUsage: Dry Machine and Spot CoolingBrand: XhnotionDegree of Automation: AutomaticScrewdriver Startup Mode: Hand pressCondition: New
  • AG-C


  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

  • Ningbo, China

  • 10000 PCS Per Month


  • AG-C

  • Non-Customized

  • 4-9bar

  • 1/4"BSPT

  • 3/8"BSPT

  • Dn80

  • ISO9001:2008

  • XHnotion Pneumatic

  • Plastic Box + Carton

  • China

  • 8467890000

  • Cold Air Gun

  • Dry Machine and Spot Cooling

  • Xhnotion

  • Automatic

  • Hand press

  • New

Product Description
Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine & Precise Spot Cooling

Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

What is Cold Air Gun?

Cold Air Gun use vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to produce sub-freezing air as low as -30ºF for numerous industrial spot cooling applications.
With no moving parts to wear out, Cold-Air Guns require no electricity at the target, just a compressed air source.

Cold Air Guns are most often used for cooling of metal parts, in the machining and repair of metals, plastics, wood, ceramics and other materials.
Cold air machining outperforms mist coolants and substantially increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations.
The effective air cooling from a Cold Air Gun can eliminate heat-related parts growth while improving parts tolerance and surface finish quality.
Air Gun Nozzles have adjustable temperature and flow settings, and some models have a frost free nozzle to eliminate mess from frost
and condensation.

How does Cold Air Gun Work

By Vortex Tube, compressed air into two low pressure streams, one hot and one cold. The hot airstream is muffled and discharged through the hot air exhaust. The cold air is muffled and discharged through the flexible hose, which directs it to the point of use. The magnetic base provides easy mounting and portability.


Product Name Cold Air Gun
Supply Compressed Air
Air Pressure 4-9Bar
Kits Magnetic Base, Ball Valve, Push-in Fitting, Coolant Tube
Magnetic Base Size DN80
Inlet Switch Port 1/4"BSPT
Muffler Port 3/8"BSPT

Model List

Model Air Pressure
Air Consumption
Cooling Capacity
XR-L15 6.9 0.425 1000 52
XR-L25 6.9 0.700 1700 53
XR-L30 6.9 0.853 2000 55
XR-L40 6.9 1.130 2800 57

Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

1. Air gun is connected to the magnet base.
2. Coolant tubing is connected to cold air outlet.
3. Compressed air supply is connected to the inlet with a pressure of 4-9 Bar.
4. Use ball valve to control on and off of air supply.
5. Firstly, unscrew 1/8"BSPT seal screw on the end of gun, and then use a slot screwdriver to rotate the position with clockwise to increase cooling capacity, and vice versa.
Note: Don't screw too tight ! Otherwise, it cannot achieve cooling effect.

Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling


1. Widely used in milling, drilling, turning and other metalworking operations
2. Machining of plastics, composites, wood and other materials
3. Surface grinding, drill and tool sharpening
4. CNC routers, blades and band saws
5. Spot cooling of parts, molds and assemblies
6. Industrial sewing and textiles
7. Setting hot melts and adhesives

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

If Cold Air Gun dose not perform properly, check for these common problems:

1. Inlet Pressure.
Low inlet pressure supply will cause poor performance.
(standard pressure of the cooling gun is 6.9 Bar)
Usually compressed air does not use only one tool or device, so the pressure and flow rate of the terminal will be reduced.
2. The inner diameter of the compressed air pipe is not large enough, resulting in low pressure supply.
3. The internal diameters of various fittings of compressed air are smaller than the internal diameter of the pipes, so the pressure will lost in many places and the flow rate will be reduced.
4. Pipes or fittings are leaky
5. Inlet Temperature.
A Cold Gun provides a temperature drop from supply air temperature. In some cases, the supply air is warmer than ambient air due to compressed air lines running across ceilings, near furnaces, direct sun, etc. In this case, the cold air may be warmer than anticipated and adequate refrigeration may not be available for the application.
6. Back Pressure.
The performance of a Cold Gun deteriorates with back pressure on the cold end exhaust. Use only the flexible segmented hose included with the Cold Gun System.
7. No Cold Flow.
If the filter is not drained regularly, water may overflow into the Cold Gun and cause internal freezing. This can reduce or even stop cold air flow. Drain the filter often, or crack open for a small continuous air bleed. If internal freezing occurs, any one of the following will correct the problem:


1.Please increase the supply of compressed air.
2.For the compressed air input hose, please use 10-12 mm. If you use a suitable fittings, it will increase the flow of compressed air.
3.Please check whether the pipe system is leaking.
4.Blow air (use an air gun) into the cold muffler with the Cold Gun off.
5. Turn the Cold Gun off for a few minutes.
6. Put a dryer on the compressed air supply.

Note: The high temperature of the hot air end is normal, but please take care to prevent accidents.
When the hot air has not been discharged, part of the heat has been transferred to the vortex tube, so the temperature is not high after being discharged from the gun body, and it does not harm to the human body.

How to repair and clean Cold Air Gun

The Cold Gun has no moving parts. Maintenance is not normally required provided the air filter is used properly. However, if internal cleaning should be necessary, the following procedure is recommended:
1. Unscrew the flexible segmented hose. Remove the cold muffler, turning counter clockwise. Pin wrench holes are provided for this purpose.
2. Remove the "O"-ring, generator (white plastic part), hot end fitting and magnetic base. Inspect for dirt and clean as necessary.
3. Immerse all parts (except cold muffler) in mild cleaning or degreasing solution. Use an air gun to remove solution and contaminates.
4. Re-install generator, "O"-ring, cold muffler, magnetic base and hot end fitting.

Packing & Shipping

Plastic Box + Carton Box
Custom packaging are available, XHnotion brand packaging are available

Method: Air, Sea, Courier
Export port: Ningbo or Shanghai, China
Delivery time: 3 days to 30 days depends on actual orders.
Express: TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, SF Express.

Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

Our Company

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Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

Portable Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun for Dry Machine and Precise Spot Cooling

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